Used Gallus Label Presses

Polygraphica buys and sells a wide range of used label printing presses and label finishing equipment. We can offer flexo label presses, UV flexo label presses, letterpress label presses, combination label presses, offset label presses. We also supply used ancillary items, inspection rewinders, fan folders, label punching machines, hot foil presses, turret rewinders you can be sure Polygraphica has the equipment you are looking for.

Below is a small selection of Used Gallus Label Presses we currently have available.

Gallus R200B – 8 colour  –  Model Year: 1994

8 station press, supplied with 7 letterpress units, 5screen units, 1 X UV flexo unit, 1 X UV varnish unit, hotfoil, rotary die station, flatbed die, delam/relam, corona treater, screeny equipment, Bobst auto register CRN Number: 53716

Gallus R160 B02 Combination  –  Model Year: 1988

Unwind, Web guide, Corona treater, 7 Letterpress print stations, 2 Screen print stations, 1 Flexo UV Varnish station, 9 UV dryers, Web turn bar, Delam/relam, 1 Rotary die station, Flat bed die cutting, 3 Spindle turret.  CRN Number: 53524

Gallus T250 Offset/Combi 7 col   –  Model Year: 1998

Unwind, 1 Screen station, 5 offset print stations, 1 UVflexo varnish station, Flat bed hot foil unit, Flat bed die cutting, Flat bed embossing unit, edge trimming, Dual rewind, Additional screen unit, Screeny system  CRN Number: 53582

Gallus R200 Letterpress  –  Model Year: 1989

Standard unwind, 5 Letterpress, 1 Flexo, Water cooled UV, Register control, 2 Rotary die stations, 1 Flatbed die station, Slitting, Rewind  CRN Number: 52725

Gallus R160 B02 7 Colour  –  Model Year: 1984

Unwind, Web guide, Corona treater, 7 Letterpress print stations, 1 Flexo varnish station, 7 UV dryers, Turn bar, 2Rotary die stations, Flat bed die cutting, Slitting unit, Single rewind, 3 Spindle turret rewind  CRN Number: 53525

Gallus EM410 6 Colour  –  Model Year: 1999

Unwind, 6 Flexo print stations, Hot air & UV drying, Teknekweb cleaner, Turn bar, Delam/relam, Video web inspection, 2Rotary die stations, Rail system, Vectra Turret Rewind  CRN Number: 53251

Gallus EM280 – 6 colour label press  –  Model Year: 2010

standard unwind, web guide, servo infeed, plug & print – print stations, 6 X flexo heads, no chiller, rotary die, matrix rewind, servo exit station, rewind,  CRN Number: 53838

If you are looking for a used label press, but not a Gallus we also offer used label machinery and equipment from manufacturers that include, Arsoma, Arpeco, Comco, Edale, Focus, Goebel, KDO, Kopack, Mark Andy, MPS, Nilpeter, Sanjo, Sanki and many others.

Please look at the label division on our website for the full range of presses available: Printing Machines and Label Finishing Equipment&id=V

Alternatively email me as and I will contact you to discuss your requirements in further detail.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Andrew Lapish


About Polygraphica
Supplier of used machinery. We buy and sell used machinery for a wide range of industries including flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, label printing and converting, paper bag and sack production and tissue converting to name a few.

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