For Sale: Used Extrusion Laminators

Polygraphica are pleased to offer the following used extrusion laminators which have recently become available for sale.

Year: 1987 (Full overhaul in 2003)
Working width 1460 mm
Speed: 300mpm
Coating/lamination units: 3
Coating/lamination unit 1 description: 4,5″ extruder , 600kg/hr, LDPE maximum output; automatic
die lips , rubber nip roll, reversing path
Coating/lamination unit 2 description: 4,5″ extruder, 600kg/hr, LDPE maximum output; automatic
die lips , rubber nip roll,secondary foil turret unwind with flying splice
Coating/lamination unit 3 description: co-extrusion die with automatic die lips, one 6″ extruder,
800 kg/hr LDPE maximum output and one 4,5″ extruder 600kg/hr LDPE maximum output;
Turret primary unwind with flying splice: 1600mm
Turret secondary unwind: 800mm
Surface rewinder: 1850mm
Laminator with 900mm diameter chill roll with rubber nip roll
Lippke 3012E infrared inspection system
Slitting station with shear knives
Automatic shaft extractor
Produce combination of PE/paper board/PE/foil/PE, it Is exactly doing this structure for
aseptic rigid liquid packaging

Used ER-WE-PA Laminator

ER-WE-PA Triplex Laminator

Year of manufacture: 1982
Maximum web width: 1100mm
Mechanical speed: 140 m/min
Turret non-stop primary unwind diameter: 1000mm
Turret non-stop rewinder diameter: 1000mm
coating and lamination unit: 1
Extrusion die type: Barmag BSW 1-b
Treater station with generator for paper- Sherman GX 40R-HE 31
Edge guide control unit: Fife HE80
PLC – Allen Bradley
All DC drives – control technique
Cutting and splicing unit- WAN 5-1
Gas fired dryer – Gas Flemenco
Die control: Mechanical deckles

Polytype Laminator

Polytype Laminator

Year: 1987
Working Width: 1220mm
Printing and coating element to print one colour or primer
Corona treatment
Automatic duplex primary unwind: 1000mm
2nd unwind simplex for Aluminium: 800mm
3rd unwind Non stop duplex for Aluminium: 600mm
Automatic duplex rewind: 1000mm
Wet Lamination unit
Tank with pump
Drying chamber
Heating system: Thermal oil
Reverse bar group
Lamination element for extrusion
Dolci Extrusion unit
Mono simplas extrusion head
Trolley bearing extrusion unit



Year of Manufacture: 1999
Working Width: 1700mm
Speed up to: 180m/min
1st Coating-laminating unit
Extruder die by Simplas, output 350kg/h-chill roll diameter 700mm
two chill rools available: one with matt surface finishing and on with gloss surface finishing
2nd Coating – laminating unit: Flexo printing unit built 2010
Colours: 3, Print possibilities 3+0 or 2+1 for water based inks or VCI lacquering
Print sleeve and gas burner included
Corona treatment units: 2
primary unwind non stop: 1600mm for paper and board for non conductive material
2nd unwind non stop: 1600mm for paper, alufoil, PET for conductive material
3rd unwind non stop: 1600mm for paper, alufoil, PET
Duplex Automatic rewind: 1600mm
Edge trimming system with trim exhauster
Product Structure materials: Polyethilene coating of various substrates, extrusion laminator by LDPE on various substrates



Polygraphica buys and sells a wide range of used machinery relating to laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers for the packaging industry.

We offer equipment such as film and sheet laminators, coaters for solvent, aqueous, wax, extrusion coaters, extrusion laminators, hot melt coaters, metalisers for film foil and paper, sheet fed varnishers and ancillary machines.

We regularly have available laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers from the following manufactures that include, DCM, Schiavi, Uteco, Bone Craven, Steinemann, Rotomec, Dolci, Polytype, NordMeccanica, Leybold, General, Kroenert, Galileo, Er-Ew-Pa, Egan, Comexi, CML, Billhofer, and many others

Polygraphica can provide the used laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers that you need.

Feel free to search our listings of used Laminators, coaters, waxers and metalisers equipment, by clicking on the categories below:

Buying -> Laminators – Coaters – Waxers – Metalisers
Coaters – Aqueous
Coaters – Solvent and Aqueous
Coaters – Wax
Sheet Fed Varnishers
Sheet Fed Laminators
Extrusion Laminators
Coaters – Hot Melt – Solventless
Laminators – Solvent Aqueous
Laminators – Hot Melt – Wax
Laminators – Solventless

If you require any further information about any of the above machines or services we can provide please contact us by telephone on +44 1924 200444 or by email:

About Polygraphica
Supplier of used machinery. We buy and sell used machinery for a wide range of industries including flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, label printing and converting, paper bag and sack production and tissue converting to name a few.

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