For Sale: Apollo 530Z, 10 Colour Printing Press

Polygraphica have available for immediate delivery the following brand new 10 Colour Apollo 530Z Stack Press.

Located at one of our facilities here in the UK, the press is brand new and available for full trials.

Highly specified the press allows the production of highly specified and unique value added products.


High quality 10 colour printing press with 530mm web width

1 x Unwind unit to take reels of 1000mm diameter on pneumatic shaft with reel lift and twin side support frames
1 x Infeed unit to control length and accurate feeding of variable materials, allowing for a range of materials from 20 microns to 350 microns
1 x Independent electronic Register / auto tension control
1 x Electronic web guide with electronic sensing
10 x Variable flexographic print towers to print from 8″ to 22″ circumference with manual 360° registration
Each unit can be individually disengaged if required
The print units are designed to allow different print materials to run through the print units without exerting pressure on the drive gears
The user friendly adjustable platform and tool less assembly system for quick change of anilox and print cylinders
The press comes with a motorised control for the continuous running of the anilox and metering roller when water based inks are used
1 x Delamination/relamination unit to allow for reverse printing of 1 colour on the adhesive side
10 x IR drying system with temperature control
1 x UV lamp for curing UV inks
3 x Turn bar units, designed with pneumatic bars to enable the printing on the reverse
1 x Laminating station with unwind shaft to take reels up to 500mm diameter
1 x Matrix unwind shaft to take reels up to 500mm diameter
2 x Die cutting station to take magnetic or engraved die cutting cylinder up to 20″ repeat
1 x Die cutting station, as above, for die cutting or sheeting
1 x Slitting station which allows for film, paper, board and industrial laminates to be slit by rotary slitting system
1 x Lifting crane, motorised for lifting dies and heavy reels off the product rewind
2 x Product rewind shafts to rewind reels up to 600mm diameter on 76mm diameter pneumatic shaft
1 x Conveyor table with vacuum conveyor, independent drive and stacking plate
1 x Special plate mounter with optical magnifier

All helical gears on main drive allowing for perfect continuous drive and print results, enabling fine quality print to be produced

3 sets, included in price as follows: 10 x 12”, 10 x 16”, 10 x 20”
10 ceramic anilox rollers, one set, included in price,

Dimensions: length 10591 x width 1280 x maximum height 2592mm

12 months warranty:
The goods are warranted free from defects in design, material and construction for a period of 12 months from the date of dispatch
Should a component fail during the 12 month warranty period it will be exchanged free of charge

Optional extras:
Anilox cylinders from 250dpi to 650dpi
Anilox cylinders from 650dpi plus
Print cylinders from 8” to 22” circumference
Die cutting cylinders from 8” to 22” circumference
UV unit
Video inspection unit
Ultra sonic anilox cleaner, model US660

Year of manufacture: brand new
Located Peterborough, UK
Print demonstration possible.

Please contact Andrew Lapish by phone +44 1924 200444 or by email at for further information of to arrange a viewing of the press.

About Polygraphica
Supplier of used machinery. We buy and sell used machinery for a wide range of industries including flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, label printing and converting, paper bag and sack production and tissue converting to name a few.

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