Gallus CCS 510, 10 Colour Press For Sale

Polygraphica are delighted to be able to offer for sale the following Gallus CCS510 10 Colour Press.

The Gallus CCS 510 for ultimate flexibility in folding carton converting combines maximum process and production flexibility, easy process changeover and cost-efficient use of different value-add processes.

Year of manufacture: 2016

Unwind diameter: 1.525mm (60”)
Full press servo
Servo infeed with closed loop tension control
Teknek two sided web cleaner
Web break detector
Final web cleaner
Arcotec corona treater
Servo driven print stations x 10
GEW Nuva UV dryers with step less control x 10
Water cooled chill rollers x 10
Hot air dryers x 10
Sensotec auto register control system
Full rail system
Hot foil module
Rotary screen module + screen starter kit and mounter
3 x cold foil/lamination unwind/rewinds
Tidland slitting station
Rotary die station/rotary embossing station/window
Rewind unit
BST Powerscope 3000 web inspection
Gallus FMS510
Sensotec infeed register control sensor
Servo driven flatbed die cutting unit, FSM510
Full out waste stripping unit
Delivery feeder
Shingle delivery conveyor for FSM 510
Window stripping
Heaford Cobra 600 XLS plate mounter
Chiller supplied
500 job storage

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If you require any further information on the Gallus CCS 510 please email or telephone +44 1924 200444.

Curioni Sun Master 540 – Paper Bag Making Machine

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Curioni Sun Master 540 paper bag making machine, with handles.

Year of manufacture: 1996, (full mechanical overhaul 2004)

Feed: reel fed
Handle: twisted
Bag length maximum: 660mm
Bag length minimum: 310mm
Bag width maximum: 540mm
Bag width minimum: 220mm
Bottom width maximum: 220mm
Bottom width minimum: 90mm
Cycle/min 100 pcs/min

Additional information:
Handle units contain hot glue and water base glue for hot weather ambient
Machine can do the “J” cutting without glue


For more information including prices, please contact us:
telephone +44 1924 200444 or
WhatsApp +44 7938 998081

Paper Bag Making Machinery For Sale

Polygraphica have available for sale the following W&H paper bag machines.

All the lines can be seen running prior and are available immediately.

With the move away from plastic packaging around the world there is large demand for paper bag making machinery, so please register your interest quickly to avoid disappointment.


W & H Triumph 3A Block Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Year of manufacture: 1966

2 ply possible

Photocell guide for pre printed reels

Bag width range: 14-32cm

Cut off range: 28-90cm

Bottom width range: 8-18cm


W & H Triumph 3G

Year of manufacture: 1988

For the production of block bottom paper bags with or without handles

Bag width range: 15-32cm

Cut off range: 36-77cm

Bottom width range: 7-20cm

With Flexotecnica Thema 124 printer – 4 colours

Inline flat handle attachment device


W & H Triumph 3A + W & H T1441

W & H Triumph 3A block bottom paper bag machine

Bag width range: 14-32cm

Bag length range: 28-90cm

Complete with: W & H T1441 Handle attachment machine

Offline attachment to made up paper bags on the outside of the bag

Flat paper folded handles


If you would like any more information, including pricing,  on any of the above machines please contact me at and I will supply fuller details.

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If the above machine is not to your exact requirements please click here to view our full range of paper bag machines.

Complete Label Manufacturing Factory For Sale

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Complete Flexographic Label Factory.

Selling as a complete package and not separately due to the owner retiring and having no successor, this gives you an opportunity to purchase everything you require to start a new label manufacturing facility.

All the machines are available for removal in January 2020.

All machinery is still in production and in excellent condition, regularly maintained.  Any inspection prior to purchase is welcome.

Included in the package are:

1. Nilpeter RotoLabel B 3000 – 6 Station Letterpress + 1 Flexo – Age 1994.
2. Edale 250DG – 5 Colour Waterbased Flexo – Age 1996
3. Cartes CE153 TR Hot Stampling Machine – Age 2006
4. Slitter rewinders (x2) Age 2014 and 2017.
5. Photopolymer Plate Maker – Age 2014.
6. Core cutter – Age 2013
7. Bitek Digital Reel to Reel Press – Age 2013.

Click here to view a brochure with the full specification and photos of each machine.


For more information please contact Andrew Lapish on +44 1924 200444, email or WhatsApp +44 7938 998081.


W&H – 3 Layer Blown Film Lines

Polygraphica can also offer EXCLUSIVELY the following W&H 3 Layer Blown Film Lines.
The machines are in excellent clean condition and are available immediately.
The following are only very brief details, for more information including photographs please contact Mike Kennedy as

Year of manufacture: 2008
Number of layers: 3
Extruder: 60/90/60
Working width: 1850mm
Thickness range: 20-200mic
Die size: 350mm
Output: 600kg/h
Thickness control: Kundig
Bubble basket: 2
Gusset board
Corona treater: single sided
Batching units: 18
Ultrasound bubble censor units: 2
Wrapper: Filmatic O
Core diameters: 3” and 6”, 76mm and 152mm
Ink jet
Hammadde automatic suction
Height: 18metres
Polygraphica Ref: 56738


Year of manufacture: 2006
Number of layers: 3
Extruder: 70/90/70
Working width: 2640mm
Thickness range: 20-200mic
Die size: 500mm
Output: 850kg/h
Thickness control: Kundig
Bubble basket: 2
Corona treater: double sided
Batching units: 10 units
Ultrasound bubble censor units: 4
Wrapper: Filmatic S
Core diameters: 3” and 6”, 76mm and 152mm
Ink jet
Hammadde automatic suction
Height: 20metres
Polygraphica Ref: 56737

If you require any further information on any of the above W&H Blown Film Lines, please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444.

For Sale: ABG Omega Digicon Series 2

Polygraphica can offer for immediate sale the following ABG Omega Digicon Series 2.

The Digicon 2 was only installed in January 2015 and is in excellent condition (as can be seen from the photographs)

There is a great demand for Digicon 2 machines currently so you are advised to contact Polygraphica as soon as possible to register your interest.

Year of manufacture: 2014, installed January 2015

Technical specifications:
Web width: 200-330mm
Maximum speed in semi rotary mode: 55m/min
Maximum speed in rotary mode: 90m/min

Unwind for rolls up to: 700mm diameter
Pull out station with pneumatic pressure monitoring
Servo driven feed station
First semi rotary flexographic printing unit
Line sensor
Lamination unit for lamination and cold foil stamping
Plate cylinder with lifting device
UV drying system: GEW E2C
Dancer roller drive module
Semi rotary punch system
Semi rotary pull out station
Waste rewind
Slitting unit
Servo driven flat hot foil embossing unit
Mid press pulling roller
Second semi rotary flexographic printing unit
Hot air drying system
Additional flexo cassette
Rewind adapter: 152mm diameter
Trim extraction
KAMA flat punch for folding cartons
Corona treatment station
Touch screen panel

Flexo printing unit
Semi rotary
Anilox roller: 200lines/inch
Printing cylinder: 482.6mm
Minimum repeat length: 50.8mm
Maximum repeat length 457.2mm
Transverse adjustment of the web: +- 10mm

UV drying – GEW E2C l low energy
Length of the arc: 380.1mm
Lamp power bis: 140w/cm

Punching station
Transverse adjustment of the web: +- 10 mm
Repeat length of the punching cylinder: 482.6mm
Minimum repeat length: 50.8mm
Maximum repeat length in semi rotary mode: 457.2mm
Maximum repeat length in rotary mode only: 482.6mm

KAMA flat punch
Web width: 180-330mm
Feed: 125-508mm
Maximum speed: 10.000hub/hour
Blade height: 23.8mm
Maximum material thickness: 500microns

Maximum roll diameter: 600mm for above shaft
Maximum roll diameter: 700mm for lower shaft
Diameter of the rewinding shaft: minimum 25.4mm, maximum 76.2mm
Minimum cutting width: 15mm
Pneumatic rewinding shaft: 76.2mm
Cutting blades x 5

Label counter – Labels, feet, metres

For more information on the ABG Digicon 2, please contract Andrew Lapish on +44 1924 200444 or email:

Prefer WhatsApp?  Message us +44 7938 998081.



Comexi CL130 Solventless Laminator

Reduced for a quick sale, Polygraphica have for immediate sale the following Comexi CL130 Solventless Laminator

Maximum web width: 1300mm
Sleeve width: 1290mm
Maximum speed: 250m per minute
Sherman Treater


If you would like any further information including pricing on the above machine please contact Mike Kennedy on +44 1924 200444 or email


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Horbury, Wakefield, West Yorkshire  WF4 5RA

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For Sale – Mark Andy XP5000

Polygraphica have available for immediate sale the following Mark Andy XP5000.

Still in production the machine can be fully demonstrated prior to any sale.

13″ Platform
Servo roll unwind
Teknek web cleaner
Print stations x 9
Hot air and UV curing on all print stations
Print cassettes x 12
Doctor blades x 10
Harper aniloxes x 19
Four quick change carts
Rotary screen print heads, Stork
Graymills ink pump for rotary screen unit
Wet nips x 3
Dry nip x 1
Rail system with CT unwind cold foil and lamination + turnbar + waster rewind cold foil
Die stations x 2 + waster rewind
Sheeter station + waste rewind
Pneumatic lamination unwind + nip for lamination
Die blocks + adaptors + bridge and impression knobs
Handy scan quality monitoring system
Product rewind, servo driven
Extra idler rollers for multi web and cold foil configuration

For further information please contact Andrew Lapish on +44 1924 200444 or email

If the above Mark Andy XP5000 is not to your requirements please look at all the label presses Polygraphica have available for sale.

ECH WILL Alpha RF – Exercise Book Machine

Polygraphica have been informed of the availability of the following ECH Will Alpha Exercise Book Machine that is available immediately.

Year of manufacture: 2003

4 up production
Reel width minimum: 580mm
Reel width maximum: 970mm
Reel diameter maximum: 1200mm
Printing length: 300-670mm, in steps of 5mm
Cutting length for deep pile products: 500-670mm, in steps of 5mm
Speed maximum: 300m/min, 60 strokes/min
Working strokes: 60
Pile height: 1000mm, including pallet
Layer thickness: 5-50 sheets, maximum 10mm folded
Number of stitching heads: standard 8

If required Polygraphica can quote to dismantle, load and ship the machine to your chosen destination.

ECH Will Alpha RF

If you would like any further information on any of the above machine please telephone +44 1924 200444 or email

Place your trust in using Polygraphica as your preferred used machinery supplier.
We have been trading continuously since 1993 and are one of the few machinery suppliers ISO9001-2008 certified.

If you require any further information regarding any of the above machines or services Polygraphica provide please do not hesitate to contact Mike Kennedy.

For Sale: Gallus R200 – 8 Colour Letterpress Printing Press

Polygraphica can offer for immediate sale the following Gallus R200 8 Colour Press.

In good running condition (as can be seen in the video) the press offers excellent value for money.

GALLUS R200 B02 – 8 Colour UV Letterpress
Year of manufacture: 1992

Web width: 210mm
Standard unwind and infeed
8 UV letterpress print stations supplied
Workings 7 + UV varnish
Flatbed die cutting
Rotary die cutting
2 chillers
Full UV
Supplied with a good selection of print cylinders + gears

Machine can be seen in production using 3-4 stations
Availability: immediately
Polygraphica Reference: V56683

For further information please contact Andrew Lapish on or call +44 1924 200444.