Ashe Emerald Rewinder

Polygraphica have available immediately from stock the following Ashe Emerald Rewinder.

Waste is an important issue at present, with most companies trying to minimise waste for environmental and profitability reasons.

The Emerald series has been designed to minimise waste by transforming a badly wound roll, be it by tensions or roll profile, into a perfect grade A roll.

For this reason, the Emerald series of rewinding machines is a must for most companies.

Year of manufacture: 2007

Material Thickness: 12 – 150 micron
Maximum web width: 800mm
Minimum web width: 200mm
Maximum unwind diameter: 550mm
Maximum rewind diameter: 550mm

Our Reference: N57095

The machine is in excellent condition and has been well maintained by one of Europe’s leading packaging companies.

For more information on the Ashe Emerald please email or telephone +44 1924 200444.