For Sale – Kampf Slitter & AC Servo Sheeter

Polygraphica have available for immediate sale the following Kampf Sheeter and a Servo Sheeter (from Taiwan)

Kampf Slitter Rewinder
Corona treater,
Air shafted single position unwind,
Side and centre slitter,
Independent waste trim extraction,
Single position rewind stand,
Guarding system,
RSJ hoist structure

Kampf Slitter Rewinder

Kampf Slitter Rewinder For Sale

Kampf Slitter Rewinder

Kampf Slitter Rewinder for Sale



AC Servo High Speed Precision sheeter:
Twin position unwind
Edge slitting,
Rotary knife,
Pallet delivery
Additional unwind unit


For more information please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444.