NEW * Online Auction Facility *

On Line Auction Capabilities

As part of our service offerings, we are able to carry out online auctions of individual items to full factories generating funds quickly and efficiently, based on our vast industry knowledge, global database and state of the art auction platform.

We are flexible in our approach and can offer various options to suit the client depending on their immediate requirements such as:

* Commission Sales – Selling on behalf of the client on a pre agreed commission basis

* Outright Purchase – We will purchase the assets and generate funds immediately for the client.

* Guarantee Participation – Provide a guaranteed minimum realisation, risk free with potential overage

If you have any machinery you wish to sell, by either auction or by open market methods please contact Andrew Lapish or Mike Kennedy to discuss the best options available to suit your requirements.

Phone: +44 1924 200444.

Alternatively take a look at our website to view all the services we have to offer: