Nordmeccanica Simplex Laminator SL1300

Polygraphica are pleased to inform you that we can offer for immediate sale the following Nordmeccanica Simplex Laminator SL1300.

Polygraphica can supply services to dismantle, transport and install the Nordmeccanica Simplex should you require.

Nordmeccanica Simplex Laminator SL1300
Year Of Manufacture 1997

Maximum Film Width 1230mm
Maximum Glue Width 1215mm
Minimum Film Width 550mm
Maximum Tension 25kg
Minimum Tension 3Kg
Maximum Film Diameter 850mm
Maximum Film Weight 600Kg
Unwinding Cores Diameter 3”/6”
Winding Core Diameter 6”
Maximum Speed 300m/min

Electrical Supply 400V +/- 10% 50Hz 3Ph
Installed power 56Kw
Main Switch Installed 63A

Compressed Air 7-10 bar
Consumption 60 Litres/Min

Chilled Water 1.5 – 3 bar
Consumption 10 Litres/min

Machine Dimensions 4000x2560x2960mm

Nordmeccanica Simplex

Nordmeccanica Simplex


If you require any further information on the above Nordmeccanica Simplex SL1300 Laminator please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444.