Cement Sack Production Line

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Windmoller and Holscher Sack Line, with 2 colour inline printer, for the production of heavy duty sacks.

Manufactured in the mid-1980’s, the line is immediately available and can be demonstrated prior to any sale.


Comprising of:
Windmoller & Holscher Tuber + Bottomer
Typical sacks produced: 20-50kgs for cement

Tuber –
Stepped end perforation and flush cut
Tube width when working flat tubes: 58 – 123cm
Tube width when working gusseted tubes: 52 – 123cm
Tube width when working
Tube lengths with flush cut: 55 – 165cm
Tube lengths with stepped ends: 55 – 132cm
Paper reel width maximum: 133cm
Paper reel diameter maximum: 130cm
Core id: 7.6cm
Inline 2 Colour Printer
Unwind stands x 4

Valve Sack Bottomer
Tube width 40-55cm
Bottom width: 8.5 – 12cm
Tube length (stepped end) minimum 55 – 93cm
Tube length (stepped end) maximum 65 – 100cm
Sack length (stepped end) minimum 43.5 – 78.5cm
Sack length (stepped end) maximum 47 – 83cm
Bottom centre distance (stepped end) minimum 35 – 70cm
Bottom centre distance (stepped end) maximum 35 – 70cm
Valve cut off length: 14cm
Valve reel width: 13.5-17cm

If you require further information please contact me and register your interest. Please include full details of your Company and a telephone number as all interest will need to be ratified and endorsed prior to information being sent.

Complete Paper Sack Line For Sale

Polygraphica can exclusively offer you a rare opportunity to purchase a complete fully working Paper Sack Plant.

Immediately available, the plant is still in full production and can be demonstrated prior to any sale.

Opportunities to purchase a complete sack line rarely come available, we therefore advise you to contact us quickly to register your interest.


Comprising of:

G & H 6 ply Tuber, circa 1963
For flush cut tubes
6 unwinds
4 glue stations
2 BST 1000 web guides
Side seal glue station
Print register with Quinn cut to length control
Machine operated as a 5 ply at the moment but parts for 6 ply available

W & H 2360/16 Valve Bottomer, 1973
Rotary feeder
Transfer conveyor
First crease unit
1 valve section
2 capping stations
2 x 2 colour print stations
Web guides
Icoma BWS S Bend
Compression unit
Sack collating conveyor
W & H off take conveyor

Mid America (Intertech) Double fold end seal, 1976
Intake table
Double end fold station
Nordson hot melt series 3500 glue system
Compression rolls
Delivery table

W & H AQM 2600 – 4 Colour Flexographic Stack Printer, circa 1970
Width: 1300mm

Cobden Chadwick – 2 Colour Flexographic Stack Printer, circa 1976
Width: 1500mm

Goebel 2DS Slitter
Width: 1200mm

The plant is sold as seen, with all available spares, print cylinders, anilox and ALL ancillary items

If the plant is of interest please contact Andrew Lapish on sales@polygraphica.com or telephone +44 1924 200444.

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