For Sale: Comexi FJ2108 – 8 Colour Flexo Press

Polygraphica can offer the following Comexi FJ 8 Coloured CI Printing Presses which is available in May 2018.

Located in Northern Europe, the press is in excellent clean condition and has been well maintained and regularly upgraded.

Demonstrations can be arranged on the press prior to any sale.

Year of manufacture: 2003

Maximum web width: 1270mm
Maximum print width: 1220mm
Print repeat range: 380-800mm
Mechanical speed: 300m/min
4 motors per deck, CNC controlled
New Tresu Chamber Blades fitted: 2014
Normal production speed: 120–270m/min
Air mandrels for anilox: 127.44mm, 152.788 OD
Air mandrels for print sleeves: 114.708mm, 380 Stork
Gear pitch: 5mm nylon gears with quick lock
Plate: 1.14mm
Turret unwind and rewind, with Maximum unwind/rewind diameter: 800mm
Cores: 76mm and 150mm
Electric: 3 x 400v
AC Drives: Eurotherm
Drying: liquid gas, 2 x burners
Drying air volume: 9000M3/h
Slitter: razor knives with trim extraction
Web video: Fife
Air pressure: 7kg/cm2
Viscosity control: Inelme
Height: 4,626mm – Length: 12,110mm
New Lead screws fitted: 2015/16
Our Reference: R56409

Comexi FJ2108

Comexi FJ2108

Comexi FJ2108

Please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444 if you would like any further information, including pricing, on the above press.

If the above machines are not to your exact requirements, please check our website for more flexographic presses we have available: Flexographic Presses Available

Place your trust in using Polygraphica as your preferred used machinery supplier.
We have been trading continuously since 1993 and are the one of the very few machinery suppliers who is ISO9001-2008 certified.

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Comexi FP1808 – 8 Colour Gearless Flexo Press

Polygraphica have available exclusively the following Comexi Gearless Flexographic Press.

Available immediately, the press can be demonstrated prior to any sale.

COMEXI FP1808 8 COLOUR GEARLESS CI FLEXO PRESS  –  Year of Manufacture: 2002
Maximum web width: 1270mm
Maximum print width: 1240mm
Print repeat range: 350-680mm
Unwind and rewind: flying splice for 800mm maximum roll diameter
Drying: gas
Enclosed chamber doctor blades
BST edge guide
Siemens touch screen
Operator control pads
Video web inspection: AVT Genesis
Inline slitting
Auto viscosity system

Sleeve sizes:
375mm x 16, 380mm x 16, 385mm x 8, 455mm x 8, 460mm x 10, 470mm x 8, 480mm x 16,
490mm x 24, 500mm x 16, 510mm x 10, 520mm x 8, 530mm x 8, 535mm x 8,
540mm x 14, 560mm x 8, 570mm x 8, 580mm x 8, 590mm x 8, 610mm x 8, 630mm 8

Anilox rollers / volume: total 14  –  2 x 10.8v, 1 x 10v, 1 x 14v, 1 x 11v, 1 x 6.5v, 1 x 6v, 2 x 9v, 1 x 4.2v, 4 x 3.4v

Please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444 for further information on the Comexi FP1808 Flexographic Press.

The following video was taken at the end of September 2017 and shows a true reflection of the current running condition of the flexographic press.

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For Sale: Comexi FQ2100 Flexo Press

Polygraphica are delighted to offer the following Comexi FQ2100 CNC 8 colour flexographic press.
Available immediately this Comexi FQ2100 could be installed and in production in your factory within a couple of months.

Year of manufacture: 1993
Materials: Film PE 25-100 microns, Film PP 20-45 microns, Cellophane
Maximum web width: 1270mm
Maximum print width: 1220mm
Print repeat: 350 to 800mm
Mechanical speed: 300 m/min
Gear pitch: 10mm
Number of print units: 8
Turret unwind roll diameter: 800mm
Turret rewind roll diameter: 800mm
Chamber doctor blade system: 8 plus 2 spare one for each side of the press
Electric ink pumps: 8
Web guides x 2, in and out
Print Vision 9000 AVT web inspection system
Drying: gas
Print cylinder drive hub: 8
Print cylinder drive spline: 8
Stainless steel drip trays: 10
Hot air exhaust optimisation unit, safely re-circulates exhaust gasses
Unwind crane and hoist
Rewind crane and hoist

If required Polygraphica can arrange to dismantle, ship and install the Comexi FQ2100 press.

If you have an interest in the Comexi, please contact Mike Kennedy at

If the above Comexi is not to your requirements please click the link to see alternative flexo presses we have available for sale.

Comexi FQ2100

Comexi FQ2100

Comexi FQ2100

Comexi FQ2100

Comexi FQ2100

Comexi FQ2100