Comexi FP1808 – 8 Colour Gearless Flexo Press

Polygraphica have available exclusively the following Comexi Gearless Flexographic Press.

Available immediately, the press can be demonstrated prior to any sale.

COMEXI FP1808 8 COLOUR GEARLESS CI FLEXO PRESS  –  Year of Manufacture: 2002
Maximum web width: 1270mm
Maximum print width: 1240mm
Print repeat range: 350-680mm
Unwind and rewind: flying splice for 800mm maximum roll diameter
Drying: gas
Enclosed chamber doctor blades
BST edge guide
Siemens touch screen
Operator control pads
Video web inspection: AVT Genesis
Inline slitting
Auto viscosity system

Sleeve sizes:
375mm x 16, 380mm x 16, 385mm x 8, 455mm x 8, 460mm x 10, 470mm x 8, 480mm x 16,
490mm x 24, 500mm x 16, 510mm x 10, 520mm x 8, 530mm x 8, 535mm x 8,
540mm x 14, 560mm x 8, 570mm x 8, 580mm x 8, 590mm x 8, 610mm x 8, 630mm 8

Anilox rollers / volume: total 14  –  2 x 10.8v, 1 x 10v, 1 x 14v, 1 x 11v, 1 x 6.5v, 1 x 6v, 2 x 9v, 1 x 4.2v, 4 x 3.4v

Please contact Mike Kennedy at or telephone +44 1924 200444 for further information on the Comexi FP1808 Flexographic Press.

The following video was taken at the end of September 2017 and shows a true reflection of the current running condition of the flexographic press.

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