Used Flexographic Press Immediately Available

Please find following a small range of flexo presses that are currently available through Polygraphica.

We are not just a website, we have been established over 20 years and have specialist managers who have vast industry experience – talk to Polygraphica, a name you can trust!

GEARLESS FLEXO PRESSES – 10 colour gearless
Uteco Emerald, 1250mm, age 2002, reference R53773
Uteco Emerald, 1250mm, age 2007, reference R54635
Fischer & Krecke 16S, 1300mm, age 2003, reference R54644

GEARLESS FLEXO PRESSES – 9 colour gearless
Uteco Emerald, (8 col + 1 col gravure), 1250mm, age 2001, reference R54429

GEARLESS FLEXO PRESSES – 8 colour gearless
Carint Cyberflex, 1400mm, age 2006, reference R53409
Uteco Onyx, 1350mm, age 2008, reference R54389
W&H Primaflex, 1350mm, age 2005, reference R54645
Fischer & Krecke 16S, 1300mm, age 2001, reference R54643
Schiavi Sigma, 1250mm, age 2006, reference R53826
Schiavi EF4020, 1250mm, age 2004, reference R54198
Uteco Onyx, 1250mm, age 2005, reference R54639
Uteco Emerald, 1250mm, age 2001, reference R54648
Uteco Emerald, 1050mm, age 2001, reference R53536
Carint Cyberflex, 1045mm, age 2009, reference R54054
Uteco Diamond, 1050mm, age 2006, reference R54642
W&H Novoflex, 1120mm, age 2002, reference R54646
Soma Mini, 850mm, age 2007, reference R53772
Uteco Onyx, 750mm, age 2004, reference 54545

W&H Stellaflex, 1600mm, age 1995, reference R54318
W&H Astraflex, 1570mm, age 2000, reference R54014
Uteco Amber, 1500mm, age 1997, reference R54506
Italflex, 1500mm, age 2001, reference R54401
W&H Starflex, 1320mm, age 1992, reference R54539
Somaflex, 1320mm, age 2001, reference R54453
Uteco Emerald, 1250mm, age 2001, reference R54616

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Used Flexo Presses

Polygraphica buys and sells a full range of used flexo presses: central impression, stack, gearless, inline, modular and many others. For paper or film, we have a flexo printing press for your requirements.

We can offer used flexo presses from manufactures (click the manufacturer to see used presses currently available) Bielloni, Carint, CMF, Fischer & Krecke (F&K), Ofem, Schiavi, Uteco, Windmoeller and Hoelscher (W&H) and many others.

Alternatively you can search by flexo press type:
6 Colour Central Impression Flexographic Printing Presses
8 Colour Central Impression Flexographic Printing Presses
8 Colour Gearless Central Impression Flexographic Printing Presses
10 Colour Gearless Central Impression Flexographic Printing Presses

Full listing of flexo press categories

If you would prefer contact us at with a list of your requirements and we will reply with a choice of several machines that are currently available on the market.

Used Flexo Presses Wanted

Polygraphica have several overseas customers ready to place orders for good quality flexographic machines.

We have specific enquiries for Nilpeter, Gallus, Mark Andy and KDO narrow web flexo label presses and Schiavi, Comexi, Windmoeller and Hoelscher and Uteco wide web flexo presses.

If you are looking to sell your surplus flexo press, both wide and narrow web, please contact us at we will offer to existing customers and also list it free of charge on our website