Tresu Chambers – Consumables and Engineering Services

Polygraphica have been supplying consumables, spare parts and engineering services for Tresu Chamber Doctor Blade Systems for over 20 years, ensuring we have the knowledge and technical back up when you need it.

All consumables items for Tresu Chamber Doctor Blade Systems are kept in stock and are sent by next day delivery on orders placed before 2.00pm.  Orders placed after 2.00pm will be sent the following working day.

Email: for a free quotation on any spare parts, doctor blade and Tresu Seals.

Tresu Chamber Seals:                           

Supplied in sizes D2, D3, D4 and D5 we will have your seal in stock whether you use EPDM (black seals) for both UV and water based applications or Desmopan (clear seals) for water based only applications.

Lithodoc Doctor Blade Material:

Developed over 20 years experience, Lithodoc Doctor Blade is available in a full range of materials and sizes to meet individual customer requirements.

Lithodoc A Doctor Blades  –  Our best selling doctor blade made from stainless steel.  Combines excellent doctoring with water corrosion resistance, prolonging the life of the blade and minimising blade changes. Available with or without a lamella edge

100m and 50m length coils – supplied in a dispenser box

Pre-cut doctor blades to any length desired by customers


Engineering Services:  If you are encountering any problems with your Coating Unit, Polygraphica’s Engineers can service and repair any problem on your Tresu Chamber System.  For emergency callouts please telephone 01924 200444.


For Sale: Apollo 330Z – 8 Colour Flexo Press

Polygraphica are pleased offer our demonstration Apollo 330Z Press at a very attractive price.

The press is as new and has only been used as a demonstrator.  Immediately available the press could be installed and running in your premises within 30 days.


Web width: 330mm – Printing width: 320mm
Gearing: 1/8″ or specify
1 x Unwind unit to take reels of 1200mm diameter on 76mm diameter pneumatic shaft with power lift
1 x Infeed unit allowing a range of materials from 20 microns to 350 microns.
1 x Independent electronic register/auto tension control.
1 x Electronic web guide with electronic sensing.
8 x Variable flexographic print towers to print from 8″ to 20″ circumference with manual 360° registration.
– Each unit can be individually disengaged if required.
– Design allows different materials to run through the print units without exerting pressure on the drive gears.
– User friendly adjustable platform and tool less assembly system for quick change of anilox and print cylinders
– Motorised control for continuous running of anilox and metering rollers when water based inks are used.

1 x UV lamp with electronic operator panel and step less power enabling curing.
8 x IR drying units.
1 x Turn bar unit with pneumatic bars.
1 x Laminating station.
1 x Matrix unwind shaft to take reels up to 500mm diameter.
3 x Die cutting station to take magnetic or engraved die cutting cylinder up to 20″ repeat.
1 x Rotary slitting station for film, paper, board and industrial laminates.
2 x Product rewinds – one rewinds reels up to 1200mm diameter and one to rewind reels up to 650mm
1 x Sheeting conveyor table, with independent seed control and drive and stacking plate
1 x Special plate mounter with optical magnifier.
1 x Video inspection unit
1 x Corona unit, single sided

All helical gears on main drive.

24 print cylinders (3 sets) included in price (88T, 96T, 120T)
8 ceramic anilox rollers (1 set) included in price, up to 600dpi

Machine Dimensions: length 4985 x width 1080 x height 2552mm

1 year Warranty: The goods offered under this quotation are warranted free from defects in design, material and construction for a period of 12 months from the date of dispatch. Should a component fail during the 12 month warranty period it will be exchanged free of charge. The warranty is for parts only and does not include labour, travelling or delivery.

Optional extras:
Anilox cylinders from 250dpi to 650dpi €1100.00 each
Anilox cylinders from 650dpi plus €1230.00 each
Print cylinders from 8” to 20” circumference € 350.00 each
Die cutting cylinders from 8” to 20” circumference €1475.00 each
Additional UV units €7450.00 each
Ultra sonic anilox cleaner, model US660 €5500

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Apollo 330Z Label Press

Please contact Andrew Lapish at for further information.

Used Envelope Making Machinery

Polygraphica currently have available the following used Winkler and Dunnebier Envelope Making machines and also several Halm Jet, 2 Colour Printers.
All the machines are available to purchase immediately.

Blank Fed
Printing 2+1 Flexo
Flap: Gummed / Self Seal /Peel and seal

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 249 41B – Age 1992
Reel Fed / Blank
Printing: 3 Flexo
Window Sections: 2
Flap: Gummed /Self Seal

Blank Fed
Printing: 3 Flexo
Window Section: 1
Flap: Gummed

Blank fed
Printing: 3 Flexo
Window Section: 1
Flap: Gummed

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 141 – Age 1970
Bland Fed
Printing: 1 + 1 flexo
Flap: Gummed

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 102 – Age 1982
Reel Fed
Printing: 2+1 flexo
Window section: 1
Flap: Gummed / Self Seal

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 102 – Age 1990
Reel Fed
Printing: 3+1 flexo
Window section: 1
Flap: Gummed / Self Seal

Blank fed

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 135 – Age 1974
Bland Fed

Blank Fed
Printing: 2 + 2 Flexo + Letterpress

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 246 – Age 1982
Reel fed
Printing: 4 flexo
Window Section
Flap: Gummed / Peel and Seal

WINKLER & DUNNEBIER 246.01 – Age 1987
Reel fed
Printing: 4 flexo
Window Section: 1
Flap: Gummed / Self Seal /Peel and seal

Reel fed
Printing 3 Flexo
Window section: 1
Flap: Gummed / Self Seal /Peel and seal

Halm Jet Print 2 Colour Litho Age: 1999
Halm Jet Print 2 Colour Litho Age: 2003
Halm Jet Print 2 Colour Litho Age: 1996
Halm Jet Print 2 Colour Litho Age: 2004
Halm Jet Print 2 Colour Litho Age: 2011

The above are only very brief outline specifications, but if you require any further information, including price and photogaphs, on any of the above machines please do not hesitate to contact me.

Polygraphica are seriously looking for all types of envelope machinery including blank fed, reel fed with or without print stations. Also any envelope printers and over-printers. Did you know advertising your surplus machinery on the Polygraphica website is totally free of charge? If you have any envelope machinery available now or in the future, please contact me to see how effective listing your machine on our website can be.

Alternatively you may prefer to contact Andrew Lapish directly on +44 1924 200444 or email Andrew at

Apollo 330SRD Demonstration Rewinders Available Immediately

We have immediately available from stock our demonstration Apollo rewinders.
The rewinders are brand new and supplied from the UK with a full 12 month parts warranty.
They can be seen in operation at our demonstration facility here in the UK.
The Apollo SRD 330 Slitter Rewind with Die Cutting is a robust built slitter rewind/converter that meets the increasing demands of today’s converting and label industry with many features as standard.
Converting speed depending upon design and substrate from 80-120m/min. 
Accurate tension control settings are achieved with independent air operated unwind and rewind tension controls.
Apollo 330SRD Blank Label Machine 
330mm web
Cantilever unwind
Tension control
Web guide
Die station
2 product rewinds and 1 waste rewind
Label and length counter
Price: EUR 28,000 Ex-Works, UK
The press is also available with 2 die stations if required.
Price: EUR 39,000 Ex-Works UK

Apollo 330SR Slitter Rewinder 
330mm web
Unwind with tension control
Web guide
Rotary Slitting
2 rewinds
Label and length counter
Price: EUR 17,000 Ex-Works, UK

 Please contact Andrew Lapish on +44 1924 200444 or email

Apollo SRD 330 Slitter Rewinder Installed

Polygraphica are pleased to announce in December 2010 they have successfully installed an Apollo SRD 330 Slitter Rewinder in Europe.

With prices for the Apollo SRD330 (with die cutter) starting at EUR 22,000 C&F Europe the  Apollo SRD330 offers significant savings over all its competitors.

Here are a few photographs of the machine in location in Europe.

If you are interested in the Apollo Slitter Rewinder please contact Dave Tomlinson at or view further details on our website 

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