Cement Sack Production Line

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Windmoller and Holscher Sack Line, with 2 colour inline printer, for the production of heavy duty sacks.

Manufactured in the mid-1980’s, the line is immediately available and can be demonstrated prior to any sale.


Comprising of:
Windmoller & Holscher Tuber + Bottomer
Typical sacks produced: 20-50kgs for cement

Tuber –
Stepped end perforation and flush cut
Tube width when working flat tubes: 58 – 123cm
Tube width when working gusseted tubes: 52 – 123cm
Tube width when working
Tube lengths with flush cut: 55 – 165cm
Tube lengths with stepped ends: 55 – 132cm
Paper reel width maximum: 133cm
Paper reel diameter maximum: 130cm
Core id: 7.6cm
Inline 2 Colour Printer
Unwind stands x 4

Valve Sack Bottomer
Tube width 40-55cm
Bottom width: 8.5 – 12cm
Tube length (stepped end) minimum 55 – 93cm
Tube length (stepped end) maximum 65 – 100cm
Sack length (stepped end) minimum 43.5 – 78.5cm
Sack length (stepped end) maximum 47 – 83cm
Bottom centre distance (stepped end) minimum 35 – 70cm
Bottom centre distance (stepped end) maximum 35 – 70cm
Valve cut off length: 14cm
Valve reel width: 13.5-17cm

If you require further information please contact me and register your interest. Please include full details of your Company and a telephone number as all interest will need to be ratified and endorsed prior to information being sent.

Allstein Hydro – 10 Colour Flexographic Printing Press

Polygraphica have available for immediate delivery the following, rarely available on the used market, Allstein Hydro 10 Colour Flexographic Printing Press.

Only manufactured in 2014, the press has benefitted from continuous renovation and upgrades from manufacturer to improve manufacturing and printing solutions.

Polygraphica have (fully vaccinated) engineers available to dismantling and load the machine.

Year of Manufacture: 2014

Gearless press with fast sleeve change
4 motor per deck CNC position system
Computer supervision

Web width: 1850mm
Print width: 1800mm
Minimum print repeat: 440mm
Maximum print repeat: 880mm

Turret Unwind: bidirectional with maximum reel diameter: 1000mm
Turret Rewind: bidirectional with maximum reel diameter rewind: 1000mm

Drying: 5m drying tunnel gas burners Maxon with UV control
Video camera: Eltromat with quality inspection, 3ccd camera + 100% inspection
Web guides: 2
Viscosity control: Aclian
Washing system
Inking system: CFK chambers
CI drum diameter: 2750mm
Speed: 600 m/min

Good selection of print sleeves supplied (approximately 250)

Polygraphica Reference: R57221

Please contact Mike Kennedy on +44 1924 200444 or email sales@polygraphica.com to discuss the opportunites of this Allstein Hydro Flexo Press.

ABG Digicon 2 – Immediately Available

Polygraphica have immediately available the following highly specified ABG Digicon 2 Line.

Year of Manufacture: 2014

Web width: 13”, 330mm
Corona treater
UV flexo print stations x 2
Flatbed hotfoil
Cold foil/lamination
Semi rotary die station
Dual rewinds

If you have interest in the ABG Digicon Line please telephone +44 1924 200444 or email sales@polygraphica.com

Used Combi Laminator For Sale

Polygraphica have immediately for sale the following 2007 Bobst Schiavi CL660 Combi Laminator.

The machine is in immaculate condition and capable of producing duplex lamination of solvent, solventless and cold seal, all in register. For more details email: mike.kennedy@polygraphica.com

Year of manufacture: 2007

Description: Duplex laminating of solvent based, solventless based and cold seal in register
3 x Trolleys included: 1 x solvent, 1 x solvent-less, 1 x cold seal
Mero Corona treater: 10kw
Bobst registron S5100-SU register control system
Maximum working width: 1300mm
Maximum web width: 1350mm
Minimum web width: 675mm
Mechanical speed: 450m/min
Working speed: 450m/min
Maximum unwind/rewind diameter: 1000mm
Maximum unwind/rewind weight: 800kg
Pneumatic system data, minimum pressure: 7.5 bar
Electrical system data, 3 phase supply voltage: 400v, 50hz
2 zone drying tunnel web path length: 6m
Total air delivery capacity each: 8600 m3/h
2 x Diathermic oil battery heat exchangers
1st zone thermal capacity: 230.000kcal/h
2nd zone thermal capacity 130.000kcal/h
Inlet battery oil temperature: 250c
Outer battery oil temperature: 220c
Working pressure: 3-3.5 bar
Gas capacity each: 10Nm3/h
Thermal oil and battery oil quantity 35l
Recirculation: 1st zone 0-80% – 2nd zone 80-92%
Solvent concentration control Zellweger
Overall dimensions of the machine: length 7660mm, width 4805mm, height 4445mm

Mark Andy 2200

Polygraphica has available as a package the following Mark Andy 2200 Presses and Rotoflexo Rewinders.

All the presses are still in production and have no major faults.
The machines are to be moved during March 2021, Polygraphica can supply engineers for the dismantling and loading of the machines into your containers.

Mark Andy 2200 – 10 Colour UV Flexo Press
Year of Manufacture: 2000

10” / 254mm web width
GEW E Brick UV
Cold foil
Video inspection unit
JM Heaford Plate Mounter

Mark Andy 2200 – 8 Colour UV Flexo Press
Year of Manufacture: 1999

10” / 254mm web width
GEW E Brick UV
Video inspection unit

Mark Andy 2200 – 4 Colour UV Flexo Press
Year of Manufacture: 1992

10” / 254mm web width
GEW E Brick UV
Video inspection unit

Good selection of print clinders + magnetic dies will be supplied with the Mark Andy Presses.

Rotoflex VSI 440 Rewinder – Year of Manufacture: 2013
440mm width – Rotary slitting – In and out labels

Rotoflex VSI 330 Rewinder – Year of Manufacture: 2013
330mm width – Rotary slitting – In and out labels

Arpeco Tracker 330
330mm width

Gallus RCS330 – 10 Colour Press.

Polygraphica have available for sale the following Gallus RCS330, 10 Colour Label Press

Year of manufacture: 2005

Maximum printing width: 330mm
Interchangeable base units: 10
Printing units with UV drying: 10
Unwind for reels up to: 800mm diameter
BST web guide system
TEKNEK web cleaning device
Arcotec corona treatment
Cold foil units: 2
Slitting unit
Screen printing units: 2
Rotary die cutting units: 1 x Gallus, 1 x Variabase
Servomotors for side and circumferential registers

If you require any further information please email: sales@polygraphica.com or telephone +44 1924 200444


Roan Pouch Bag Making Machine

Polygraphica have immediately available the following Roan RS35-24 pouch bag making machine.

If you are interested in the Roan Pouch Making Machine please contact +441924 200444 or email sales@polygraphica.com

Year of manufacture: 2007

Bottom or side seal, combination
Maximum seal width: 550mm
Minimum-maximum bag width: 80-320mm
Minimum-maximum bag length: 200-550mm
Maximum number of lanes: 2
Maximum number of cycles: 2 x 160 bags/minute
Maximum unwind width: 1600mm
Maximum unwind reel diameter: 1000mm
Type of takeoff rewind: flat
Edge guides

Possible bags:
Flat pouch no gusset with folded, bottom or top
Flat pouch no gusset with sealed, bottom or top
Flat pouch no gusset with folded, bottom or top with zip
Flat pouch no gusset with sealed, bottom or top with zip
Side gusseted pouch
Pouch with fin seal
Euro slot, handle punch, tear notch
Including: C folding frame
Zip feeder
Double cut function, rounded corner

Email: sales@polygraphica.com Tel: +44 1924 200444


Ashe Emerald Rewinder

Polygraphica have available immediately from stock the following Ashe Emerald Rewinder.

Waste is an important issue at present, with most companies trying to minimise waste for environmental and profitability reasons.

The Emerald series has been designed to minimise waste by transforming a badly wound roll, be it by tensions or roll profile, into a perfect grade A roll.

For this reason, the Emerald series of rewinding machines is a must for most companies.

Year of manufacture: 2007

Material Thickness: 12 – 150 micron
Maximum web width: 800mm
Minimum web width: 200mm
Maximum unwind diameter: 550mm
Maximum rewind diameter: 550mm

Our Reference: N57095

The machine is in excellent condition and has been well maintained by one of Europe’s leading packaging companies.

For more information on the Ashe Emerald please email sales@polygraphica.com or telephone +44 1924 200444.

Mark Andy 2200 – 8 Colour – Age 2018 – Immediately For Sale.

Looking for a new Mark Andy 2200? We have the following Mark Andy 2200 for sale, only manufactured in 2018, the press is in ‘as good as new condition’.

Print width: 13”, 330mm
Number of colours: 8
Material thickness: 50-305um
Operating on: 415v, 50hz
Unwind module: 40inch capacity

Press module
Small sized inking cylinders, 65 durometer with bearing and levers
Harper ceramic anilox cylinders
Half speed anilox gears and bearing
Doctor blade casing with 4 blades
Cross strengthened tension cylinders

Punching module
2 stations with steel framing and 2½” top and side openings
Capacity: 32”

Main controller and sheet cutting module
Easy to use main controller panel
Sheet cutting station

Main drive
Drive motor: 10hp
Shaft drive unit and controller

Rewind module: 40” maximum capacity
BST Powerscope web monitoring system
GEW UV curing system
Machine transportation kit

If you would like more information on this 2018 Mark Andy 2200 Label Press, please contact sales@polygraphica.com or call +44 1924 200444.

Mark Andy 2200 – 8 Colour – 2018

ETI Label Converting Line

Polygraphica have available for sale the following ETI Coating Machine for the manufacture of your own label stock.

ETI Label Coating Line
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Material width: 250mm to 540mm
Material thickness range: 20 micro to 150 micro

Max roll unwind diameter: 850mm
Brake: magnetic powder brake
Deflection shaft 79mm
Corona pretreatment
Vectra 520mm Semi-automatic rewind
Inspection system: AVT
Lamination: YES
Adhesive coating: hot melt with curtain nozzle: full surface partial in LFR
Crushing knife / Diecut
2 X turn crosses
Siliconization possible with N2 (UV silicon)
Hotemelt Application weight: 15 – 35g / m2

If you would like any further information, on the above machine please telephone +44 1924 200444 or email sales@polygraphica.com